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65% of consumers’ purchasing decisions involve color factors, and color can increase brand recognition. Once a brand establishes a connection with color and emotion with consumers, they are willing to pay more. Speed to market for new products is crucial for market sales, and inaccurate colors can cause significant losses.”


This highlights the critical role of brand recognition in marketing strategies. Brand recognition represents consumers’ initial intuitive understanding of a brand’s positioning and image. It encompasses indicators such as awarenessunderstandingrecognition, and top-of-mind awareness. By assessing these indicators, we can determine whether a brand has successfully established positive brand recognition. And don’t forget, color plays a significant part in this process! 


T-Lab (Tung Hsu Technology)


T-Lab is currently the most comprehensive color management center in Asia. It features training classrooms and offers practical courses for brands, designers, and supply chains. T-Lab serves as an agent for various color measurement instruments and software, assisting in training for international certifications. The team has honed their expertise abroad for two decades, contributing to the establishment and promotion of color standardization within the industry.

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