Tung Hsu Technology (T-Lab)


Tung Hsu Technology (T-Lab) is Taiwan's leading color management center. In addition to training classrooms and practical courses, T-Lab provides design, supply chain, and agent services for a wide range of color measurement instruments, software, and assistance with international certification training. More than ten years have passed since the team advanced abroad, establishing and promoting color standards.

Expert Team

Jerry Tsuo

Founder of T-Lab and the third generation of TMPI (Tung Ming Printing ink). He has experienced color management overseas for many years, has assisted many domestic and foreign printing companies in obtaining color management certification and building their CMS workflow. Combining ink research and development with color management technology, he has developed materials that are most suitable for color management needs, achieving a dual approach. He is often invited by major printing magazines to publish technical articles on color, printing standards, ink, etc. His expertise is in color management, ink application, and special color formulation.


Tung Hsu Technology (T-Lab) - Founder

- PSO Expert
- PSD Expert

- G7 Expert 10+
- BrandQ Supply Chain Expert
- CMP Creative & Sales Trainer
- PPC Comittee member

X-rite Pantone Certified Trainer

pressSIGN pOS Expert


Stefen Chow

Stefen is from Hong Kong and has obtained the first batch of G7, PSA, CMP and other international standards and color management certification master trainer qualifications in Asia. He has served as a technical and quality assurance supervisor in manufacturing plants for many years and has practical abilities in production and color management applications. He has rich consulting experience in Southeast Asia and Greater China, especially familiar with international brand color requirements, communication, production control to inspection processes.


Tung Hsu Technology (T-Lab) - Technical Director

Tung Ming Printing Ink (TMPI) - Color Consultant

- G7 Expert 10+
- BrandQ Supply Chain Expert
- CMP Master Trainer
- PPC Comittee member

RIT PSA (Print Standard Audit) Consultant

X-rite Certified Engineer
X-rite Pantone Certified Trainer

pressSIGN International Expert


Gina Wang

has international professional accreditation in color-related fields and can assist printing companies in the application of materials and the planning of color management programs. She has experience in graphic design and is particularly familiar with various color systems such as Pantone. She can effectively assist brand owners and designers in setting effective color goals and acceptance standards. At the same time, she specializes in environmental protection requirements such as material safety and carbon emission.


Tung Hsu Technology (T-Lab) - Color Management Specialist

Tung Ming Printing Ink - Sales Representative

Idealliance - G7 Expert

X-rite Pantone Certified Expert
X-rite PantoneLive Certified Expert